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About Us

Welcome to our webshop! We are Bossdrops, an online shop with a great fun assortment. All our items are officially licensed! No fake, bootleg, AliXprezzz ...
We are a webshop located in Belgium. We also sell via and Bol.BE, but there is a lot of profit swept away by the Big Boss. That's why our own webshop was on our wishlist for a long time. In our online store we try to keep the prices as sharp as possible. Because cheap shopping is of course the most fun. How do we do that? We do not have a physical store and therefore do not have to buy large stocks. This website is also an extra way to reduce costs. Self-built and somewhat simple. Unfortunately no nice filter options to select size, color and price. But with handing in some ease of use, we can also keep sales prices as low as possible.